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Question: Young people with ethical conduct are not willing to come forward to join active politics. Suggest steps to motivate them to come forward.


Answer: The modern generation have been on negative when it comes to participation in active politics especially those with some ethical conduct. This has created a situation where only the unworthy and corrupt get elected, creating a culture of misgovernance.

Reasons for avoiding active politics

  • Pre-defined notion on politics
    Most of the younger generation are of the belief that politics is dirty and corrupt and only the filthy can survive. They think that in order to participate in politics one has to become corrupt, which will violate their ethical beliefs.
  • Avoid violence
    There is also a popular opinion that politics is marred with violence and this may affect their normal life including their families.
  • Money making machinery
    People think that to be successful in politics one has to have large amount of wealth. In addition politics is a tool for making money and there is lack of professional competence.

Steps to motivate reluctant individuals

  • Idea of change
    It is necessary to convince such people about the way situation can be changed if people like them come forward and join politics. They can be motivated to lead a campaign for revolutionary changes in the way politics work.
  • Self belief
    People who are ethically competent but hesitant due to fear of getting bad influence have to be convinced about their self belief to be ethically competent regardless of the situation. This will allow them to get over their fears of bad influence.
  • Emotional aspect of society and nation
    Individuals with ethical competence are usually emotional when issue arises regarding nation and society as a whole. Right level of motivation and persuasion will definitely allow them to cross the barriers for the better good.

In the current situation when our country is at a critical stage, there is a requirement for suitable political leaders who are not only professionally qualified but also ethically competent. It is therefore necessary to urge able candidates to join active politics.

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