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Question:  You are a young, aspiring and sincere employee in a Government office working as an assistant to the director of your department. Since you have joined recently, you need to lean and progress. Luckily your superior is very kind and ready to train you for your job. He is a very intelligent and well-informed person having knowledge of various departments. In short, you respect your boss and are looking forward to lean a lot from him. Since you have good tuning with the boss, he started depending on you. One day due to ill health he invited you at his place for finishing some urgent work. You reached his house and before you could ring the bell you heard shouting noises. You waited for a while. After entering the house the boss greeted you and explained the work. But you were constantly disturbed by the crying of a woman. At last, you inquired with the boss but his answer did not satisfy you. Next day, you were compelled to inquire further in the office and found out that his behaviour is very bad at home with his wife. He also beats up his wife. His wife is not well educated and is a simple woman in comparison to her husband. you see that though your boss is a nice person in the office, he is engaged in domestic violence at home. In such a situation, you are left with the following options.

Analyse each option with its consequences. (a) just ignore thinking about it because it is their personal matter. (b) Report the case to the appropriate authority. (c) Your own innovative approach towards the situation.


Answer:  Duty of a public official towards society is equally important to that of his professional duty. The following case appears to be dilemma as it forces us to choose between loyalty towards boss or responsibility to prevent a social crime. Various aspects have to be considered before choosing the appropriate course of action.

Options available for me to act

(a)   Just ignore thinking about it because it is their personal matter.
This option should not even be thought of because allowing a crime to happen under watch without reporting it makes you participant in the crime. It will resort to abetment to crime as you have in an indirect sense promoted the crime to happen by not trying to stop.
Any crime that may be happening even inside the walls of the house cannot be considered a personal matter. This has to be brought to the notice of authorities and ignoring is not an option.

(b)   Report the case to the appropriate authority
This appears to be a good measure but it is not free from complications.
Consider that I report the case to authorities and matter comes under investigation. The wife being a simple and less educated person may deny the allegations due to fear of society and husband. Due to lack of evidence, the husband will not be booked and she will continue to suffer from his hands. When it comes to the notice of my boss that I reported the case, I may have to be ready to face vendetta. Fake complaints from my boss may land me in trouble, which will be bad for my future.

(c)   Your own innovative approach towards the situation
I will have to improvise by employing a method that will stop the crime but will not indicate my role in stopping it. It would need a valid proof to implicate the crime such as video footage or sting operation to confirm the crime. Participants like women organization or media can be approached to collect proof of the incident as it will appear that investigation was carried from outside the organisation. Proof of the crime will implicate the boss and result in his suspension, that will remove the fear of vendetta against employees.


Thus, among the given approaches, the third appears to be the best one. It will not only prevent the crime without suspicion on employees but it will also create fear among high ranking officials while carrying out criminal activities such as domestic violence.

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