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Question:  You are a Cricketer working hard to make a mark. The competition is cutthroat and you feel that you have limited opportunity before you are replaced. During a training session, a teammate of yours suggest you to consume a banned performance enhancing drug to increase your ability. You are opposed to the idea but the team mate assures that every player takes the drug during matches. You don’t want to indulge in cheating but you want your career to boost.

What are the options available for you to exercise? Give reasons for choosing your action.


Answer:  Sports is based on the foundation of free and fair opportunity. Every competing individual must follow the code under all aspects. The use of performance enhancers will violate the idea of the sportsman spirit and is highly unacceptable.

Concerns associated with drug use

  • Criminal offence
    Consumption of performance drugs in sports is criminal offence and by using the drugs I’m violating the rules and regulations.
  • Unethical
    Using external support to enhance my performance is unethical to the core. Even though others use it too, it cannot be justified as right.
  • Addiction
    Drugs are addictive in nature and using it continuously over a period of time will make me an addict in future. This will destroy my career completely.

Various options available for me

  • Agree to the offer
    I would readily accept suggestion given by the team mate and consume drugs to enhance my performance in the match.
  • Reject the offer and instead work hard
    I could reject the offer outright and also suggest him not to bring such offers to me again in the future. I would put more efforts to increase my ability through natural ways.
  • Complain to authorities regarding use of drugs
    I could give a complaint to relevant authorities regarding the use of drugs by members of the team. Once dope test is conducted, the guilty will be identified.
  • Talk with team members and suggest them against use
    I could talk to the team members and team management regarding the use of drugs. This will make them understand the seriousness of the issue.

My action

  • I would try to identify players involved in consumption of drugs and talk to them individually regarding the problems they may face due to it.
  • We would consult a professional counsellor to prevent addiction of drugs. A session has to be conducted to make players aware of their actions.
  • As far as my performance is concerned, I would use mental counselling and hardwork to achieve success.

Reasons for my action

  • I may be at the disadvantage regarding my position in the team but as a sportsman and human, my duty would be to prevent others from taking the wrong path.
  • I would take a morally high ground by not approaching anti-doping agencies and spoiling the career of budding sportsmen.

It would not only be an ethical action but also will satisfy me to the core that I was able to improve life of some individuals.

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