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Question:  What is Uniform Civil Code (UCC)? Explain relevance of UCC in protecting gender equality and bring homogeneity in judicial process.


Answer:  Uniform Civil Code (UCC) is a proposed law to provide one law for the entire country, applicable to all religious communities in their personal matter such as marriage, divorce etc.

The main aim would be to remove the inconsistencies currently existing between various communities.

Constitutional presence
The UCC has been present since the original constitution under Article 44 of DPSP. However, it was envisioned for the future when society was ready to accept the changes.

Significance of UCC

  • Remove complexities
    The current laws are complex due to personalization such as Sharia laws, Hindu personal laws etc. The UCC would remove such complexities.
  • Gender equality
    Some laws such as divorce and inheritance are not equal for men and women in some religions. The UCC will provide a uniform law for governance.


  • Muslim conservatives feel that UCC will take away their cultural identity and govern them under Hindu laws (secular laws).
  • Critics allege that laws under UCC will violate Article 25-28 under the constitution.

Significance for gender equality and homogeneity

  • One law for whole country
    Every person in the country will be governed under a same law when it comes to issues such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption etc.
  • Equal rights for men and women
    The current law in several religions are discriminatory towards women in terms of marriage, divorce etc. the UCC can bring gender equality in these matters.
  • Prevent religious discrimination
    The constitution of India says that all religions will be given equal considerations. This is currently violated as some religions enjoy personal laws. UCC will negate such problems.

Thus, UCC is indeed a progressive law that needs full support from all sections of the society. The religious stigma associated with the law should be removed.

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