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Question-1:  What is purple revolution in India? Explain role of purple revolution in growth of rural agro-economy.


Answer:  Purple revolution is the policy measure of the government to increase lavender cultivation in the country.
Lavender dominates the global perfume industry and the aromatic oil extracted from the flowers is widely in demand.

Climate for lavender cultivation

  • The ideal climatic conditions are cool winters and cool summers.
  • Lavender is a temperate plant and can tolerate drought and frost conditions.

Role of purple revolution in rural economy

  • Raw material for industries
    Lavender crop can be utilised for obtaining lavender oil, which acts as a raw material for many sanitary and aromatic industries.
    Ex: Soaps, air freshener, perfume etc.
  • Rural job creation
    Lavender crop provides a great alternative to traditional crops. It can generate revenues and provide jobs to local population in cultivation as well as industries.
  • Self sufficiency
    Lavender oil and associated extract is in great demand domestically. Domestic supply will reduce foreign imports and make industry self sufficient.

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