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Question: What makes the Indian society unique in sustaining its culture? Discuss.


Answer:  The Indian society can be considered as a unique one regarding its ability to nourish and sutain its ancient culture till the modern times. Considering how cultures change fast due to influence, this is a significant achievement.


Features that makes Indian society and culture unique

  • Continuity
    Indian culture is one of the oldest and continuous form of living that has been practiced from ancient times. The main thing we can observe is that there is no break up in cultural trends. The practices of old times still exists.
    Ex: Worship of trees and animals is still followed from the times of Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Adaptation
    Ability to adapt and borrow from other cultures has been observed in Indian society. This has made indian society an amalgamation of major cultures but still holding its core values.
    Ex: Cultural practices of Indian society has borrowed heavily from Islamic influence.
  • Dynamic
    Indian society has been successful in adapting to changing trends. This has allowed the society to modernize without having to lose its foundations.
    Ex: Modern democratic practices like women rights have been adapted easily when compared to societies of middle-east.
  • Secular
    Indian society has been practicing trends that have not been associated with any particular religion. These practices have been incorporated in other religions as well and have been provided with space to co-exist.
    Ex: Festivals like Holi have been celebrated without being restricted to religious practice of any particular community ,which is not observed in any other society.

Thus, we may argue that India has not been succesfull in upholding these values but the Indian society has fared better than any other society to sustain its identity, when so many foreign cultures have threatened  to dissipate the local culture.


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