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Question-1:  What is liquid nano urea? How can liquid nano urea provide a solution to fertilizer exploitation in the country?


Answer:  Liquid nano urea is a urea compound in nano form. Urea is a nitrogenous compound that is used in fertilizers as artificial nutrient provider.

Currently, urea is provided in powdered fertilizer form, which will be applied to the crops. Majority of urea is imported and the government bears a huge subsidy burden.

Benefits of using liquid nano urea

  • Liquid form spray
    Liquid nano urea is in liquid form and added in water before spraying on leaves of the plants. It will be absorbed from leaves and not roots.Ithas higher efficiency than existing powder urea.
  • Long lasting
    Liquid nano urea can be stored for a longer period of time in comparison to conventional urea. The storage area of liquid bottled urea is also less.
  • Lower cost
    The cost of a single bottle of liquid nano urea is very cheap. Such a bottle can effectively replace one bag of powder urea. The cost is reduced tremendously.

Solution to fertilizer exploitation

  • Simple application
    Application of liquid nano urea on leaves ensures less wastage. Conventional urea compounds easily evaporate into air and also gets dispersed during irrigation.
  • Environmental safety
    Conventional urea can be a pollutant that pollutes water, soil and water. They can be responsible for algae growth in lakes.

Thus, liquid nano urea can be the one stop solution to issues associated with conventional urea fertilizer. The government must make efforts to promote these compounds.

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