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Question:  What is Zika Virus? ExpWhat is Zika Virus? Explain its symptoms, spread and measures to control its propagation.lain its symptoms, spread and measures to control its propagation.


Answer:  Cases of Zika infection has grown in several parts of the country, forcing the government to provide newer guidelines for health officials.

The infection first originated in forests of Uganda. It is caused by virus belonging to Flaviviridae and is spread by Aedes mosquitoes.

Symptoms of Zika Virus infection

  • Microcephaly
    It is a condition in which the new-born baby has birth defects. The head of the baby is significantly smaller compared to the body and indicates abnormal brain development.
  • Fever
    The common symptom of viral infection is fever, followed by abdominal pain, body aches, headaches and other typical indications.
  • Paralysis
    Paralysis can occur in pregnant women due to exposure to toxins produced by the zika virus. It causes long-term disability.

Spread of infection

  • Body fluid
    The infection spreads from one person to another through exposure to body fluids. This includes blood transfusion, saliva, mucus and other fluids.
  • Sexual contact
    Having unprotected sexual contact with an infected individual can be the reason for spread of infection from one person to another.
  • Mosquito bite
    Mosquitoes are the biggest source of infections as they carry the virus in a given population. This makes them the major cause.

Measures to control

  • Mosquito control
    The control of infection starts from controlling mosquito population. This includes, eliminating their breeding sites, mosquito nets and non-exposure to mosquito bites.
  • Avoid close contact in infection zone
    In an infected population, close contact should be avoided. This will not only help in preventing spread of infection but also reduce threats.

Thus, the seriousness of infection requires India to be extra cautious. There is a need for spreading awareness about avoiding the disease.

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