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Question:  What is the starlink project? How will it help in internet inclusion across the globe?


Answer:  Starlink project is an internet project that aims to provide data connection using satellite source. Starlink project is initiated by SpaceX, a private company that aims to provide space based technological service.

The project involves launching 42,000 satellites in low earth orbit that will provide seamless access to internet across the globe.

Role of Starlink in internet inclusion

  • Cheaper access to internet
    Compared to conventional internet through wireless towers, the satellite based internet will be cheaper. The cost of data will be reduced drastically, allowing people access to internet more easily. Even poorer sections can get access to internet.
  • Faster access
    Satellite based internet service is faster in comparison to broadband or wireless based. Since satellite provide direct access without any medium, data loss is minimum due to heat. This will allow digital business immensely in poorer countries.
  • No geographical divide
    In present circumstances people living in interior regions have no access to internet or Mobiles. Through Starlink, even remote areas will get internet access. People will have better integration with rest of the society through internet.

Issues in Starlink project

  • Space congestion
    The project involves placing 42000 satellites in space. This will create space congestion and affect the visibility of night sky. Astrophysicists will not have seamless access to night sky for making observations.
  • Vulnerable to hacking
    Devices and network can easily be compromised if certain amount of security is not ensured. The privacy of individuals may get affected and private lives will become public.

Thus, Starlink project is a valuable component of future internet plans. However the issues have to be addressed in order to make it more appealing.

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