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Question:  What is POSHAN abhiyan? How will it help in addressing aspirational needs of various sections of society.


Answer:  The Prime Minister’s Overarching Scheme for Holistic Nutrition or POSHAN Abhiyaan or National Nutrition Mission, is Government of India’s flagship programme to improve nutritional outcomes for children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers.

Role of POSHAN abhiyan in addressing future Indian aspirations

  • Employment productivity
    The role of proper nutrition during growing years is necessary for individual development and the benefits of a healthy body will reflect in high productivity. Increased productivity is absolutely necessary if India has to increase its GDP to $5 trillion.
  • Reduce health burden
    Health burden on society is directly linked to poor nutritional outcome. Nutritional mission will focus on stunting, wasting, underweight, and other nutritional deficiencies so that future burden of health on poor families is avoided.
  • Gender equality
    Women will be given special attention for fulfilling their nutritional needs. This will ensure that their health will be in good condition, thus enabling them to take care of their offsprings. In addition they will be able to contribute towards their household income by working.
  • Population stability
    India’s population growth has partially been a reason of survival mentality. Since young ones in poor households have very less chance of survival without proper nourishment, parents tend reproduce more in the hope of seeing more of them survive. If proper health and nutrition is ensured, there is no need for this strategy.
  • Education outcome
    Educational outcome of India can improve if nutrition is supplied to learning children during their years of growth. This is very important if skill levels of population has to increase and contribute towards upliftment of social conditions.
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