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Question:  What is ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ project. Explain the significance of this project to India.


Answer:  The One Sun One World One Grid project (OSOWOG) is an ambitious solar energy project that aims at creating a global cooperation for sharing infrastructure and benefits of solar energy by making use of common resources. It is counter project to tackle China’s One Belt One Road initiative that happens to challenge India’s sovereignty.

Highlights of OSOWOG

  • Network of transmission lines
    The project envisions to create a vast network of transmission lines that will carry power from sources country to destination. In this way, excess power generated can be effectively used. This will be beneficial to countries that do not receive adequate sunlight but aims at switching to renewable energy.
  • Creation of broader Solar alliance
    The International Solar Alliance mainly contains countries that have minimum sunlight hours but OSOWOG aims at a broader alliance that have both producers as well as consumers. In this way both the countries can make use of solar energy as a tool of cooperation.

Significance of OSOWOG

  • International leadership
    The global leadership is undergoing a vaccum as seen by emergence of Trump in US. The steps taken by US are regressive, especially towards climate change. This provides the perfect opportunity for India to take initiative and lead the global efforts towards sustainability and renewable energy.
  • Cost effective
    The project is cost effective in sense of reduced need for power infrastructure. With most of the countries connected through grid lines, electricity can be supplied easily without having to construct new power generation units. This will be beneficial in the long run.
  • Economic boost
    Creation of transmission infrastructure requires large-scale participation of private sector. With the commencement of the project, the slowdown in the domestic economy can be boosted due to demand generated by this project. Industries such as cement, iron and steel, solar panels etc will be benefitted.
  • Reduce load on petroleumsector
    Petroleum is major contributor to India’s energy security. But the supply routes are not reliable and also the prices are highly fluctuating. This will be great stress on foreign reserves and the economy. It is thus necessary to think of a long term plan to eliminate use of petroleum as a major source of energy and switch to renewables.

Thus, OSOWOG project has the capability to change the future prospects for India if used effectively. It is important that India must put more efforts in making this initiative successful.

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