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Question: What is meant by aptitude? Explain the significance of aptitude for public services.


Answer: Aptitude is the ability and talent of an individual to learn new skills in the future through appropriate training.

Aptitude has become important in recent times because organization requires individuals who can adapt themselves to changing times and situations.


Significance of aptitude in public service

  • To inculcate innovation
    To innovate new techniques and methods in public service, individual must have the right aptitude. They must try to introduce new features that will help in improvement of public service.
    Ex: Direct Benefit Transfer to reduce corruption.
  • To become dynamic
    Dynamic individual will always be ready to adapt to changing situation especially when odds are stacked against him. This ability will lead to better outcomes for the organisation.
  • Adapt to new technology
    Individual should be able to make use of new technology as a solution to emerging problems. Technology will help in bridging the gap between past and future. Right aptitude will enhance adoption of new technology more effectively.
  • Development of new skills
    Different jobs require different skills. As job requirement changes, individual has to adopt new skills. A person with right aptitude can learn skills faster than others. It will benefit the organisation through fulfilment of obligations.

Thus, aptitude is one of the core principles that has to be inculcated by an organisation that will help in growth and prosperity.


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