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Question:  What is Green Pass? Explain its significance in resuming international travel. Highlight concerns associated with green pass for Indians.


Answer:  Green pass is an international travel document that hass been made mandatory by EU countries for all travelers visiting the bloc. The Green Pass will be a digital proof of vaccination that makes the bearer immune to Covid-19 infection.

Aspects and significance of Green Pass for international travel

  • Hassle-free travel
    The Green Pass bearer will not have to undergo mandatory quarantine after arriving at different country. They can travel within the bloc without any issues.
  • Prevent spread of infection
    The pass is a proof of immunity gained by inoculation. It also assures that an individual entering the bloc is not carrying the infection.
  • Rejuvenate tourism economy
    The tourism economy of many Euopean countries has been hameered. The Green Pass will be the trump card for getting back on track.

Concerns associated with Green Pass for Indians

  • Non-approval for Indian vaccines
    Indian vaccines such as Covishield and Covaxin are not included in the list of vaccines that will make an individual eligible for Green Pass.
  • Travel restriction
    Many local cities and states in EU have put restriction on travel from India. This has prevented Indians from visiting these countries.

Way forward

Indians must take up the issue with EU officials regarding the approval for Indian vaccines that are equally protective.

Thus, Green Pass is indeed an opportunity for getting lives back to normal after the pandemic. It will also help in preventing infection spread.

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