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Question:  What is flyash? Explain the health and environmental threats associated with flyash. Suggest alternative applications for its appropriate use.


Answer:  Flyash is a by-product obtained during the combustion of coal in thermal power plants. It consists of compounds such as silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, aluminium oxide among others.

Health and environmental threats

  • Air pollution
    The flyash can easily spread into the atmosphere and cause air pollution. The particles of flyash are part of smogs in many cities across the globe.
  • Groundwater contamination
    Flyash can slowly leach into the ground and mix with underground water. The poisonous compounds get added in the water, affecting health of consumers. They can also mix with over ground water sources.
  • Health disorders
    Flyash can cause many health related disorders such as cancers, heart problems, respiratory disorders and blood related ailments. The health cost on society is very high.

Alternative uses of flyash

  • Construction material
    The compound can be used to replace sand in construction process. It can also be used in construction of road base and manufacturing cement.
  • Agriculture
    Flyash is used in treatment of soil and making it suitable for growing crops. It is sprinkled on leaves to prevent pest attacks and also to prevent evaporation.
  • Mining
    Flyash has many uses in extraction of certain minerals through chemical process. Being a product of coal, it can replace coal in many processes.

Thus, flyash is indeed threatening if left uncontrolled into the atmosphere. Capturing flyash and later using it appropriately will ensure its benefits are realized.

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