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Question:  What is black carbon? What are concerns associated with Black Carbon? Suggest remedies for controlling Black Carbon concentration in atmosphere.


Answer:  Black Carbon consists of pure carbon in several linked forms. It is formed through the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels, bio-fuel, and biomass.

Black Carbons are said to be the biggest threats to global climatic conditions as they have the potential to escalate global warming.

Concerns associated with Black Carbon

  • Melting of glacial ice
    Black Carbons do not disintegrate fast and move fast through air and deposit on glacial snow. This reduces albedo of snow and results in their melting.
  • Greenhouse effect
    Black Carbon absorbs short-wave radiation from sunlight and prevents reflective nature of earth. This results in increase in greenhouse effect and subsequent global warming.
  • Health concerns
    Studies have found out that exposure to Black carbon makes an individual vulnerable to mortality. There are other effects such as organ failure and respiratory problems.

Remedies for controlling Black Carbon

  • Renewable energy
    There should be migration to renewable energy by abandoning sources such as petroleum and coal. This will reduce carbon emissions in atmosphere.
  • Geological sequestration
    The carbon captured from sources directly or from atmosphere can be converted into liquid form and injected in deep underground storage such as abandoned mines.
  • Scrubbers and catalytic convertors
    Scrubbers should be installed near output of factories so that particulate matters should be absorbed. Catalytic convertors must be installed in exhaust of fossil fuel vehicles.

Thus, Black Carbon is indeed a significant threat to global climatic conditions. There should be efforts to eradicate them completely.

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