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Question:  What is the basis of regionalism? Is it that unequal distribution of benefits of development on regional basis eventually promotes regionalism? Substantiate your answer.


Answer:  Regionalism is the expression of a common sense of identity and purpose by people within a specific geographical region, united by its unique language, culture, language, etc.
Unequal distribution of resources is one of the reason for amplifying regionalism but it is not the soleone. Various other things are responsible.

Basis of regionalism

  • Common regional pride
    Regionalism is basically focused on the idea of common pride expressed by a group of citizens. This expression of pride encourages them to pursue a common goal of development of regional affiliation, which is more than national pride.

Reasons for regionalism

  • Economic reasons
    Economic reasons involve lack of development in a given region that has resulted in poverty. Due to step motherly attitude, major development projects such as industries, roads or other facilities are not provided. As a result the region will be left behind when compared to rest of the state.
    Ex: Bundelkhand region is plagued with lack of economic development.
  • Cultural reasons
    Lack of protection for the culture and heritage of the region may force the people to be vocal towards regionalism. The cultural reasons can be language, religion, tradition or any other factor that holds utmost importance for the people.
    Ex: Bodoland movement based on Bodo culture.
  • Politicalreasons
    Political reasons involve lack of political representation for the region. This means that the region will miss out on support in the government and lose its significance. If the region has to prosper and develop, it must be relevant in state or national politics.
    Ex: Telangana movement.

Thus, regionalism as an ideology is not only development or economic oriented. It is based on various other factors that tends to create a separate identity for the region.

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