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Question:  What is BH series of vehicle registration? Explain the benefits provided by this series for inter-state operability?


Answer:  BH or Bharat is an upcoming series of vehicle registration that will mainly be given for individuals having transferable jobs, which makes them relocate from one state to other. The new national series will allow them to run their vehicles in multiple states without frequent changes to its registration.

Characteristics of BH series

  • Single number
    The BH series number will be valid throughout the country. There is no need to change registration in case of movement to another state.
  • Random generation
    The BH number will be generated randomly through the computer once the vehicle owner applies on dedicated online portal.

Benefits of BH series

  • No advance road tax
    BH series registered vehicles will be charged only 2 years road tax unlike normal registration which will charge taxes up to 15 years.
  • Avoiding frequent registration
    Vehicle owners will no need to change their vehicle registration once they move to another state. This saves their time and efforts.
  • Reduces corruption
    The process of getting NOC from parent state is cumbersome and is likely to be corrupt practice. The new provision will avoid such scenario.


  • Individuals working in central or state government services.
  • Individuals serving in Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Banking sector employees.
  • Private employees working in companies having four or more branches across different states or UTs.

Thus, BH series will address the issue such as refund of road tax as well as reduce the bureaucratic hurdles in vehicle registration.

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