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Question:  What are hail storms? Explain the potential damages that can be caused by these storms. Suggest measures to prevent damages.


Answer:  Hail storms are meteorological phenomenon in which precipitation takes place in form of ice instead of normal water. This phenomenon occurs when rain bearing cumulonimbus clouds are pushed higher into the atmosphere where rain drops freeze into ice.

Damages caused by hail storms

  • Crop damage
    Hail storms fall with greater velocity and have a higher weight. They crush plants with their weight. If a large hail storm takes place then crops in the area will be destroyed.
  • Destruction of property
    Hail storms are very dangerous for temporary shelters made of mud or wood. They can damage the roofs if they accumulate in large number.
  • Injuries to humans and animals
    Some hails will be large in size. Its weight can be more than a normal stone. Falling from such a height will cause injuries to humans and animals including deaths.

Measures to prevent

  • Hail canons
    Hail canons are devices that can send supersonic sound waves to disrupt the clouds forming hail storms. This will push away the clouds and prevent disaster from occurring.
  • Anti-hail nets
    Anti-hail nets have a high tensile strength that can prevent direct impact of hailstorms on both plants and structures. They can prevent serious damages.
  • Better weather prediction
    Authorities should focus on better weather prediction mechanism that will give time for people to take protective measures and reduce damages.

Thus, disaster cannot be completely prevented but its intensity can be reduced drastically. Combination of prediction and prevention will be useful.

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