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Question:   What are Deepfakes? Elucidate various threats posed by Deepfakes.


Answer:  Deepfake is an Artificial Intelligence based technology that alters face and voice in videos and pictures to give a genuine effect. In short, Deepfakes can create a highly duplicated version of a picture or video which will be difficult to identify.

Threats posed by Deepfakes

  • Fake news
    Videos and pictures can be modified using the technique to dupe people and peddle false information. Since the image and pictures look genuine, people can fall prey to the news and it will have large consequences.
    Ex: Minister’s video doctored to declare war.
  • Political propaganda
    Political parties may use Deepfakes by making allegations of political proportions. Images can be altered to influence support of a political party. This will be threatening for a democratic country.
  • Pornography
    Deepfakes are used to create pornographic videos and pictures of famous celebrities. These videos are altered to swap face to make the video or picture look genuine. This will affect the interests of the celebrity.
  • Cyber bullying and blackmail
    Individuals especially minor girls are blackmailed using fake picture and videos created using Deepfake technology. This will have profound effect on mental state of children resulting in depression and suicide.

Technology such as Deepfake is useful only if it has value addition to the welfare of society. Double edged technology such as this should be regulated.

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