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Question-`1: What are cyclones? Explain the  methodology and reasons for the naming cyclones. 

Answer: A cyclone is an intense circular storm that originates over warm tropical oceans and is characterized by low atmospheric pressure, high winds, and heavy rain. Cyclones are native to northern Indian Ocean, in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.


  • Individual contribution
    Countries of the region each suggest 13 names to the Meteorological Department that will be used to create a database of names.
  • Name chosen from list
    As a cyclone is formed, a name is selected from a list in the same order it was listed. Each cyclone will be named after a recommendation given by different country.

Importance of naming

  • Avoid confusion
    Scientific names create confusion among public as well as officials. This is particularly true when multiple cyclones emerge during the same period.
  • Less subject to mistakes
    Names distinguishes one cyclone from other as the names are unique. The information mix-up can be prevented through this technique.

Criteria for naming

  • Non offensive
    The names recommend by the countries of the region must be non offensive towards individuals, religion or group. It should be  gender neutral.
  • Unused
    The names recommend should not have been used before. Once the name is used, it cannot be used again to name a cyclone.

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