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Question: What are basic principles of Public life? Illustrate any three of these with suitable examples


Answer: As a public representative or official there are certain qualities and traits that needs to be cultivated by an individual. For these qualities to develop, certain principles have to be followed.


Basic principles of public life

  • Selflessness
    An individual associated with public life is expected to be selfless in his approach. His acts and decisions must be towards the welfare of the society and citizens without fortifying his/her own.
    Ex: A muncipal representative must not hesitate to get rid of any illegal religious structure if it is found to be creating inconvenience to public. The benefits of securing their votes by not taking any action will only make the representative a selfish personality.
  • Honesty
    A public representative is expected to be honest in his actions as well as decisions. He must possess moral ethics and integrity so as to carry out his duties without any compromise towards discrepancies.
    Ex: A public representative or an official is approached by a shady builder, who promises to give a large amount of money if he is given permisssion to construct an unnecessary footpath. Honest representative will not give any heed to such offers.
  • Responsibility
    The public representative or official is expected to be responsible and take initiative to fight for the rights of citizens. He/she is also expected to show his exemplary managerial and leadership skills to tackle any sort of crisis.
    Ex: Public representative must lead a campaign for creating awareness among the people regarding maintaining cleanliness. The initiative can be successful only if it has a suitable person who takes responsibility to carry it out.

Way forward
The principles must be allowed to develop in those associated with public life through proper training and guidance.

Thus, we can observe the importance of certain qualities that can make a difference in lives of individuals in the society, if implemented properly.

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