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Question-1:  Wetlands have a critical role in water conservation and biodiversity support. Explain the threats to existence of wetlands.


Answer:  A wetland is a distinct ecosystem that is flooded by water, either permanently or seasonally. It is one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world for its ability to sustain large flora and fauna. Wetlands are usually very critical to the environment.

Role of wetlands

  • Store water
    Wetlands store large amounts of water. They act as sponge and absorb additional water during floods and excessive rainfall. They also recharge groundwater.
  • Control floods and pollutants
    Wetlands are spread evenly and this slows down water flow and allows sediments to settle. This prevents water from flooding lowlands. They also absorb water pollutants.
  • Support flora and fauna
    Due to its unique water ecosystem and high productivity, wetlands support large flora and fauna.
  • Recreation and tourism
    Wetlands have a high cultural value. They provide revenue opportunity as a tourist destination. The local community also develops.

Threats to wetlands

  • Harmful pollutants
    Harmful elements released from factories and human activities can seriously harm the wetland ecosystem.
  • Over mining
    Wetlands have been damaged due to excessive sand and mineral mining. Forests surrounding the wetland have lost productivity.
  • Invasive construction
    Invasive construction activities such as dams, barrages, roads and railways have damaged wetlands across the world.

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