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Question: US- Iran tensions in middle east has chances of turning into a full blown war. In such circumstances what role can India play in establishing peace?


Answer: The power conflict in middle easthas turned ugly with US and Iran attacking on each other’s assets. This has brought out the fear of full blown war that can become reality soon.

In these situation the role of neutral entities such as India become very important in de-escalating the tension that has built up.

Issue of contention

  • Economic and political sanctions
    US and the West have imposed sanctions on Iran which has prevented them from selling their crude oil. It has caused their economy to depreciate considerably. So Iran wants to flex its muscles and show dominance through its fight with US.
  • Regional superiority
    Iran and Saudi have long indulged in fighting for superiority of the Gulf as well as Muslim world. The rise of Iran and it’s nuclear program will undermine Saudi Arabia’s influence. So US, being an ally of Saudi has stepped in to reorganize the power balance.

Actions that can be taken by India

  • Peace treaty
    The first step would be stopping the next instance of violence from both sides through initiating peace treaty. This stop-gap peace treaty will prevent both sides from attacking each other and causing destruction.
  • Nuclear deal negotiation
    The whole problem started with failure of Nuclear deal between Iran and western countries. For getting back to normalcy it is necessary to frame a new nuclear deal that can uphold the arguments of both the sides.
  • Joint summit
    A joint summit on the lines of US and North Korean one can be organised. The meeting of leadership of both the countries will allow them to assess the conditions before taking any decisions that will have widespread implications on the world.

Thus, India can only mediate upto a certain extent but the responsibility to keep the peace process running falls upon the US and Iran. The war has no perpetual meaning or any advantage that will make it necessary, considering the lives of people at stake.


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