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Question – 1. What is Tour of Duty scheme? How will the scheme benefit armed forces and the society?


AnswerTour of Duty (Agneepath) is a scheme announced by the Ministry of Defence to recruit soldiers for a short duration of 4 years. The recruits will be called Agniveer and they can apply for permanent commission after 4 years.

Benefits of Tour of Duty scheme

  • Modernization of army
    The government will save huge amount from pension of retiring soldiers. The saved amount from defence budget can be utilised for modernization of army.
  • Young blood
    The scheme will ensure that continuous supply of young blood keeps taking place. This will provide cutting edge to the armed forces.
  • Opportunity for youth to explore
    Youths are apprehensive about armed forces as a career. The scheme will provide them a glimpse of army life without having to commit to lifetime service.

Concerns expressed

  • Shortage of experience in combat roles
    Soldiers will work for only 4 years and later get discharged. During a combat situation, the soldier deployed may lack the required experience.
  • Training shortage
    Critics of the scheme claim that training cycle of the soldier will be affected and the final soldier will be half-baked.

Thus, the scheme will be a win-win situation for both the armed forces and society. Measures have to be taken to prevent misuse of army training.

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