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Question:  Tiger corridors are indeed a way of preserving tiger population across the country. Explain their role in tackling emerging threats posed by human expansion.


Answer:  Tiger corridors are patches of forested area that link two or more tiger habitats. These corridors provide a safe passage for tigers to migrate from forest to another without wandering into humans habitats.

Current threats

  • Forest area reduction
    The area under forests is reducing day by day due to variety of reasons, majorly agriculture. Wild animals such as tigers are losing their homes forcing them to migrate.
  • Increasing human footprint
    Human expansion has reached unprecedented levels. Agriculture fields have expanded into forests which have increased human and animal clashes.

Importance of tiger corridors

  • Tiger migration
    Tiger corridors are needed for ensuring tigers get opportunity to migrate in search of better prey and also for mating.
  • Genetic diversification
    Without tiger corridors, population in a forested area mate within the population. This reduces genetic diversity and is quite threatening.
  • Reduce territory clashes
    Tigers are territorial animals that need large area for domination. If density of tiger population is high then clashes occur between males. This can be reduced if some tigers get chance to migrate.
  • Climatic adaptation
    Non-suitable climatic conditions can occur in a given area and tigers need to migrate to another region to survive. Tiger corridors play important role for this purpose.

Thus, it is necessary that major tiger habitats are connected with each other through a forested path so that tiger population is distributed and protected.

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