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Question:  The US claims of being the torch bearer of international peace and social justice is a paradox in itself. Explain regarding the inter-racial issues currently taking place.


Answer:  The US has always been ready to preach noble values to the rest of the world but its internal affairs is riddled with issues such as inter-racial tensions, anti- semitism and religious tensions. The recent murder of an African-American by police official has brought the racial tensions back into the news.

US issues

  • Racial inequality
    In US, African-Americans are considered to be inferior and are hardly allowed to freely mingle with conservative white population, especially in rural south. It has also been observed that there is a sense of discrimination towards these groups and they are vulnerable against state tyranny.
  • Non-conviction of majority
    The crimes committed by white population against Afro-Americans is hardly convicted and perpetuators walk free with less or no sentence. This has previously been observed when white police official, convicted of killing a black teenager was let off without proper conviction. This is different from countries such as India where convictions are obtained for crimes such as homicide.
  • Instigating global wars
    The US claims of maintaining international peace and tranquility but it isguilty of creating situation that triggers instability and wars. This has been observed in Afghanistan, West Asia, Vietnam, Crimea etc, where US was directly or indirectly involved in creating tensions.

US hypocritic actions

  • Religious freedom Report
    The US government releases International Religious Freedom Report, where it accuses countries of violating religious freedom of citizens. In recent times it has accused India of religious inequality and equated with rogue countries such as China and North Korea. Considering religious communities in US are equally mistreated, this report is a proof of hypocrisy.
  • Unilateral sanctions on organisations and groups
    US policy has always been to hit countries with economic sanctions whenever they go against US imposed unilateral decisions. The steps followed by US has always gone against theme of non-biased and non-partisanship. Countries such as India, Japan, South Korea have been at the receiving end of the policy.

Thus, it is necessary to keep US actions under check through International pressure because world cannot function at the behest of a single country with its own interests.

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