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Question: The novel Cornonavirus epidemic has claimed large number of lives in China. What can be the necessary steps India takes to contain the spread of the Virus if ever it strikes India?


AnswerChina has been reeling under severe effects of the Cornonavirus that has killed close to 1000 people and kept lakhs under observation. The effect of this epidemic has impacted economy of China. In country like India where economy is already under stress such a epidemic would spell disaster.

Measures to contain epidemic

  • Banning public gatherings
    The best idea would be to suspend all public gatherings in suspected areas which would reduce the likelihood of contacting disease. By keeping the spread under check there is a possibility of successfully tackling the disease.
  • Dedicated wards or hospitals
    Hospitals are also a major source for spreading of the disease especially from affected person to others including the medical staff. By sanitising the contact between patients, the disease can be treated effectively without any possibility of new infections.
  • Awareness creation
    The symptoms and ways of disease spread has to be communicated to the citizens so as to create self detection and prevention mechanism. This will ensure that people take minimum risk of contacting the disease.
  • Adequate medical supplies
    To treat smaller version of the disease, basic medical supplies have to be kept ready especially in India where there is a large population under risk. Eventhough there is no antidote to the disease, alternative medicines work in some patients.
  • Creation of task force
    It is necessary that a body exists which specialises in dealing with epidemics. In this regard a task force has to be constituted that will deal with all the cases pertaining to the epidemic in question.

Thus, it is always better to be prepared for the worst case scenario so as to be better equipped. The government machinery must not be surprised when the epidemic strikes instead it has to be mentally prepared to tackle new challenges.

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