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Question: “The growth of cities as I.T. hubs has opened up new avenues of employment, but has also created new problems”. Substantiate this statement with examples.


Answer: The onset of LPG reforms has allowed India to grow tremendous in service sectors especially IT. This growth has given rise to creation of jobs that have been concentrated in certain parts of the country, which has forced large professional IT workforce to migrate to cities in search of jobs, creating new challenges.

Challenges created by IT sector boom

  • Uncontrolled Urbanisation
    The biggest outcome of IT revolution is the rapid and uncontrolled urbanisation that has gripped certain cities. This uncontrolled growth has led to cities choking under the weight and size of population that it is not equipped to handle.
    Ex: Bengaluru’s water needs are not designed to handle 10 million people especially due to absence of river source. In addition demand for land has led to destruction of lakes.
  • Pollution
    The city planners were unable to plan the city that could effectively handle large population. This has led to failure of urban transport to cater to a exceedingly more population leading to increase in personal vehicles on the road. This caused the pollution level to increase rapidly.
    Ex: The road transport of Bengaluru is plagued with regular traffic jams that has increased the vehicle time on roads and also pollution levels.
  • Destruction of local traditions and culture
    This has been accused by the local population against the large migrant sections residing in the cities. This imbalance in population structure has created frequent clashes between the two groups. This gives rise to future regionalist tendencies in population.
    Ex: The clashes between migrants from northern Indian states with local political workers in Mumbai regarding language.

Way ahead
For any city to handle large crowds especially from IT, there needs to be properly developed infrastructure consisting of residential hubs, transport etc so that urbanisation can be better handled.

Thus, planning plays an important role when it comes to sustainable living in urban areas. There is a need to create better living areas that cater to the employed section such as IT that can translate into better work efficiency.

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