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Question:  The green revolution brought prosperity to majority part of the country but it bypassed eastern India completely. Analyse the reason for this occurrence.


Answer:  Green revolution is the name given to the phenomenon of drastic increase of food grains production through application of technology and scientific knowledge.

Green revolution phenomenon was observed in most part of the country but eastern India was not much benefited from the event.

Reasons for bypassing of Green revolution in eastern India

  • Presence of intensive farming
    Eastern India houses small and marginal farmers in majority in comparison to large farmers in north western parts. Green revolution was suitable for large farmers and hence eastern region did not benefit much from the event.
  • Illiteracy
    Green revolution requires application of scientific knowledge, which is a part of literacy skill. North western part is more literate in comparison to eastern parts. This contributed to lower utilisation of knowledge in eastern part of India.
  • Transport and market access
    Profits from farming will be more if there are proper transportation channels for movement of goods. The better coverage of railways and roadways helped in utilisation of market access. This allowed profits to surge in north western India.
  • Government policies
    Positive government policies for farming in north western India further enhanced the profitability in these regions. In comparison, eastern Indian states did not have concrete policy for promotion and development of green revolution.
  • Availability of infrastructure
    Infrastructure for extensive farming such as irrigation, agricultural machinery, cold storage facilities were available easily in north western India. Eastern India in comparison was at its infancy stage in terms of agricultural infrastructure.

Way forward

To overcome this disparity, Evergreen revolution was introduced to revolutionize farming sector as a whole rather than just increasing commodity.

Thus, green revolution was indeed a revolutionary phase in modern Indian history. It allowed better development of Indian agriculture.

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