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Question:  The government’s decision to open space sector for private players is historic. Explain how IN-SPACe will boost growth and development in India.


Answer:  The union cabinet has approved setting up of a new space board called Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre (IN-SPACe). This board will regulate all space-related activities of both ISRO as well as private players intending to enter the space sector.

Functions of IN- SPACe

  • Regulation
    The main function of the body will be to regulate all space-related activities including that of private companies, that didn’t have access to this sector previously. This will also ensure that smaller companies will not be at a disadvantage when compared to larger companies.
  • Mentoring
    The board will also play the role of a mentor which will guide space companies towards developing space technologies such as rockets, satellites, and other equipment needed for research. This will allow the space sector to grow tremendously.

Role of IN-SPACe in boosting growth and development

  • Creation of jobs
    The opening space sector for private companies will provide a boost for employment in India. A large number of people will find employment under these technologies and will contribute towards growth. This will be similar to the role played by the IT sector in India.
  • Reducing load on ISRO
    ISRO has been the sole participant in space activities in India for a long time and this puts pressure on the agency for delivering results in a short time. Private companies can now indulge in the construction of satellites, space vehicles, and other related technologies whereas ISRO can focus on research of deep space.
  • Boost manufacturing
    Manufacturing in India is very low mainly due to low levels of technology transfer between various sectors. If new technology developed by space companies gets transferred to other sectors, there will be a manufacturing boost.
    Ex: Rechargeable batteries developed for space vehicles can be used for electrical vehicles too.

Way forward

The government must not stop here and instead focus on giving support to newly developing space companies by providing subsidies.

Thus, IN-SPACe has the capacity to change the future of India by making a local manufacturing hub. But the challenge remains in the form of bureaucracy and red-tapism.

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