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Question: The government had recently banned several pornographic sites citing malicious content. In this context what are the effects of these sites on society. Suggest any alternative measures to tackle such problems.


Answer: The government banned about 800 pornographic sites in an attempt to clear the internet from dangerous content, that had impacted various sections of society especially young children. Eventhough banning internet sites amounts to restriction of free internet, certain scenarios have forced this action.

The effects of unverified pornographic sites on society

  • Rise in sexual abuse
    Research has established that these sites act as influencer on underage children to perform crimes such as sexual abuse. This has indeed increased the crime rate in India, especially on women by under aged males.
  • Terrorism recruitment
    There are many pornographic sites that in reality are recruitment sites for terrorist activities. Their agenda is hidden through hosting pornographic content and protect themselves from authorities.
  • Breakdown of marriages
    Activities of married couples have often been highlighted in such pornographic sites. This has been one of the major reasons for breakdown of relations especially marriage.
  • Host for malware
    Large number of malware affects devices from pornographic sites. Since these sites are not under strict observation, they find it easy to spread to population.

Measures to tackle

  • Technological solution
    There are various software that can mask these pornographic sites and prevent children from accessing. This will not only relieve parents but also reduce crime rates considerably if properly implemented.
  • Parental control
    Parents must have knowledge about their children’s activities on the internet. If they find it dangerous, they need to be given  proper counselling. This will help in avoiding unnecessary problems in the future.
  • Stronger cyber laws
    To tackle crimes on the internet especially related to pornographic content, specific laws have to be framed that will identify and punish criminals and deter future repeatability.
  • Educating youngsters
    Youngsters must be taught to handle cyber activity in a controlled manner and have to be warned against such content that can potentially harm their future. In this regard the role of teachers become very important.

The government needs set certain guidelines for allowing pornographic contents online that must be accessible to only adults. These have to be monitored regularly to prevent any untoward incidents.


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