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Question: The Citizen’s Charter is an ideal instrument of organisational transparency and accountability, but it has its own limitations. Identify the limitations and suggest measures for greater effectiveness of the Citizen’s Charters.


Answer: The citizen’s charter is very useful in initiating the connection between citizens and the government through better provision of services. Eventhough they have been implemented widely still there exist some problems that need rectification.

Limitations in citizen’s charter

  • Bureaucratic apathy
    The charter becomes successful only if they are implemented properly in a fast and efficient manner. Due to issues like red tapism the provisions are not effective in making a difference to the governance.
  • Lack of implementation strategy
    The charter has been introduced due to order from higher segments but the people that actually matter are unaware of the manner in which they need to be implemented. This has violated the actual goal of the charter.
  • Lack of accountability
    There is no provision to check whether the charter is being utilised properly. Lack of control has allowed people associated with the departments to carrying out their duties in a manner that violates the principles of the charter.

Measures to improve citizen’s character

  • Development of infrastructure
    It is useless to create a provision without any resources for its implementation. By developing the necessary infrastructure in form of human training, technology etc the objective of the charter can be effectively fulfilled.
  • Awareness creation
    Citizens have to be made aware of the existence of the charter and benefits they can get from it. When citizens are aware of their rights, the charter becomes useful.
  • Problem resolution method
    A mechanism must be introduced that can handle complaints and problems faced by citizens while using citizen’s charter. If problems are addressed properly more people will be obliged to make effective use of the provision.

Thus, Citizen’s charter can be a better tool if new provision and methods are used for its implementation. It not only fulfils the objectives but also provides better democratic practices in the country.


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