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Question: The banning of ‘Jammat-e-Islami’ in Jammu and Kashmir brought into focus the role of over-ground workers(OGWs) in assisting terrorist organizations. Examine the role played by OGWs in assisting terrorist organizations in insurgency affected areas. Discuss measures to neutralize influence of OGWs.


Answer: The terrorist organizations are able to function and carry out actions against the state with the help of individuals known as OGWs, who provide them with necessary overground support.


Roles played by OGWs

  • Financial support
    The terrorists need monetary support to carry out their activities. This is provided through various sympathisers including the groups which function in the guise of social organisations.
  • Political support
    The OGWs gather enough political clout in order to influence official authorities and help terrorists insurgency related activities. They also provide immunity against arrest.
    Ex: CPI(ML) provides political support to Naxalites.
  • Social sympathy
    Some organisations try to gather support for insurgents from the academecia and social spheres so that there is sense of sympathy for their activities.
    Ex: Elgar Parishad’s role in supporting Maoism.

Measures to neutralise influence of OGWs

  • Stoppage of foreign funding
    Foreign funds are the main sources of income for the OGWs, which in turn is diverted to terrorism and insurgency. Stopping them will reduce functioning of OGWs.
  • Reducing their public influence
    To stop them from seeking poular support, it is necessary to reduce their influence in the society. This can be done through bringing out proof of their illegalities in front of the public.
  • Academic cleansing
    It is necesary to create a academic system of universities and colleges devoid of such radical idealogies. If the influence of PGWs is reduced among academecia, there are great chances of dying down of the movement in the future.

Thus, the role played by PGWs needs to be significantly cut down and make them unworthy of helping underground extremism. Losing the support of OGWs will destroy extremism on the long run.


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