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Question:  You are the manager of a spare parts company A and you have to negotiate a deal with the manager of a large manufacturing company B. The deal is highly competitive and sealing the deal is critical for your company. The deal is being worked out over a dinner. After dinner the manager of manufacturing company B offered to drop you to the hotel in his car. On the way to hotel he happens to hit motorcycle injuring the motorcyclist badly. You know the manager was driving fast and thus lost control. The law enforcement officer comes to investigate the issue and you are the sole eyewitness to it. Knowing the strict laws pertaining to road accidents you are aware that your honest account of the incident would lead to the prosecution of the manager and as a consequence the deal is likely to be jeopardised, which is of immense importance to your company.

What are the dilemmas you face? What will be your response to the situation?


Answer: The above mentioned case is a sensitive issue that demands balance between professional and human aspects before taking any measures. Considering the implications of my move, I would weigh in all my options before taking any decision.

Dilemmas faced

  • Humanistic aspect
    Whether or not it is the mistake of the driver, it is our duty to ensure that the affected individual is given proper care so that he can survive. It is therefore necessary to give more weightage to this aspect than business one.
  • Professional duty
    Since my action has large effect on the future of my company, there are some professional duties to perform. It has to be given an equal importance when taking any action.
  • Honest civilian vs Loyal employee
    Legal service is one of the duty of a citizens. It is therefore necessary to decide whether to speak the truth and implicate the business partner or lie and save company’s business.

My response to the situation

  • Considering that driver was on the wrong side of the incident, there is no point of countering the victim through counter accusation regarding his/her part in the accident.
  • I would therefore tell my company of my decision to tell the truth that will implicate the manager. I would ask for their support in this process because there is lot of stake for the company in this issue.
  • Further I would talk with the dealing company so as to give them the picture of the situation and request them to continue the deal regardless of the manager’s act. The company too needs to understand the ethical issue involved in this case.

Thus, I would try to take the right path regardless of the economic consequences of this step. My action is based on the idea that right of life takes precedence over any other issue.

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