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Question-1: Sewage disposal system is critical for optimal functioning of cities. How sewage treatment plants can offer a solution to pollution problem in cities?

Answer: Sewage management is one of the many challenges faced by cities around the world. The challenge is more intense in developing countries such as India, which suffers from lack of resources to execute infrastructure development.

Importance of sewage disposal system

  • Maintain cleanliness
    Sewage disposal system will enable our cities to be clean. It will prevent biological waste from being disposed in the open.
  • Reduce disease burden
    Large number of diseases are caused by human and other biological waste. Avoiding open disposal of sewage, disease burden can be reduced significantly.
  • Reduce pollution
    Sewage is one of the main reasons for pollution of natural resources. They pollute soil and water, making them untenable for use.
  • Protection of water ecosystem
    Water ecosystem of cities such as rivers and lakes can be utilised for drinking water needs if sewage is not disposed in open. The ecology of water bodies can also be maintained.

Role of sewage disposal plants in preventing pollution

  • Manage rising population problem
    The population explosion has given rise to waste disposal challenge. Treatment plants offer a way to ensure that population rise does not affect waste management.
  • Long term solution
    Sustainable development includes long term solution to urban problems. Sewage treatment plants can offer our cities with longevity.

Thus, waste management is a major environmental and health challenge. Sewage treatment makes up a critical component if we want to make cities liveable.

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