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Question:  The setting up of multiple state capitals is a burden on state exchequer. Critically analyse the pros and cons of developing multiple cities as a tool for decentralization.


Answer:  Multiple capitals for state is an idea that has already been explored and dropped earlier. The first actual implementation happened when Andhra Pradesh decided to develop Amaravati, Vishakhapatnam and Kurnool as three capitals for the state.

Currently, Andhra Pradesh has also decided to rollback on the bill that set up three capitals for the state.

Multiple state capitals

  • The states having multiple state capitals will have three different cities performing the role of legislative, judicial and executive capitals of the state.
  • The state will have to allocate resources to all the three cities equally as money will be needed to develop infrastructure such as roads, beautification etc.

Benefits of multi-capitals

  • Decentralization of development
    The development in the state will be decentralized if multiple capitals are developed. This will ensure that urbanization will not be a burden on a single city as seen currently in many state capitals.
  • Equitable resources allocation
    The capitals recognised will represent a major region in the state. Once the government allocates resources equally, then they will have equal opportunity to grow without being discriminated.

Concerns due to multiple capitals

  • Shortage of manpower
    There will be large number of officials and government employees needed to maintain three capitals. This will burden the existing human resources.
  • Financial strain
    Developing and maintaining three capitals will need huge expenditure. The state’s treasury will be stretched beyond control, affecting other important programmes.
  • Connectivity
    The cities have to be nearer to each other for facilitating easy movement of government officials. If they are present at different corners of the state, it will hamper business transaction.

Thus, three capitals strategy idea is novel but execution will be challenging. It is better if different cities are developed based on their cultural and economic front rather than using as capital.

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