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Question:  Saudi Arabia’s long standing war in Yemen is putting the region’s security in jeopardy. Explain the role of Iran in creating instability in Yemen and other countries of Arab world.


Answer:  Saudi Arabia-led alliance is involved in fighting against Houthi insurgents in Yemen from the last seven years. Apart from destruction in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has also faced attack on its territory through drones. Recently, UAE was at the receiving end of Houthi attack.

Saudi Arabia’s war

  • Campaign against Houthi
    The Iran-backed Houthis are target of Saudi’s war. The Houthis are insurgents aiming to create instability in Saudi Arabia’s backyard.
  • Western backing
    The Saudi alliance has been supported by western countries such as US, France and UK. They have provided air support to Saudi’s attack on civilian settlements.
  • Cut Iran to size
    Iran wants to get a foothold in Arabian Peninsula using Houthis. Saudi will go to any extent to defeat Houthis and cut Iran to size.

Iran’s role in Middle East instability

  • Backing insurgents
    Iran backs Shia separatists across regions such as Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah in Lebanon, and PLA in Palestine etc. It wants them to be its proxy and control internal affairs.
  • Spread Shia ideology
    Iran is the only major country of the region believing in Shia ideology. Making use of its ideology, it wants to exert power and influence.
  • Capture Islamic leadership
    Iran wants to become leader of Islamic world by unseating Saudi Arabia. Iran believes that Saudi Arabia is a pawn in the hands of West and it needs to go.

Thus, the war is far from over. The geopolitical conflict between two countries has affected citizens of Yemen. Loss of lives and livelihoods cannot be reversed.

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