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Question-1. Potential misuse of state agencies to settle political scores has been the main reason for loss of credibility. Explain the importance of restoring the impartial nature of state agencies.


AnswerThere are been increasing accusations against state agencies for targeting opposition politicians while being ignorant of allegations against politicians belonging to ruling dispensation. These actions have attracted widespread criticism and the agencies have lost credibility in the eyes of people.
Importance of restoring credibility of state agencies

  • Dispensing justice
    For dispensing justice to the people, agencies have to be neutral. Restoring its credibility will be one step towards ensuring justice.
  • Non-political
    Political connections maintained by agencies have to be cut off. Their investigation should not be based on the opinion of their political masters.

Way forward

  • Court monitoring
    The appointment of the officials must be monitored by court so that only deserving candidates get appointed to the agency. The investigation has to be closely monitored by court.
  • Independent status
    Similar to judiciary, which is completely independent from political class, the state agencies will have to be given independent status. This will prevent their misuse.

Thus, state agencies must be the flag bearer of justice and their independent status will propel them to greater heights. This is the need of the hour.

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