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Question-1:  Regardless of present challenges, the latent resources of the north eastern region can add to the development goals of the country. Elaborate.


Answer:  Northeast region has a critical role for overall development of India. A World Bank report has projected strong long-term potential for India’s Northeast provided the centre provides support in form of viability gap funding.

Natural resources housed by Northeast

  • Oil and gas
    Northeast region has vast oil resources compared to other regions of India. Harnessing them will contribute to our energy needs.
  • Hydropower potential
    Presence of hills and fast flowing rivers make northeast perfect for harnessing hydropower. Major chunk of electricity needs can be realized through hydropower.
  • Coal reserves
    Coal reserves can be found in various parts of northeast. Coal can be a source of fuel for energy as well as create employment.

Other potential of northeast

  • Gateway to east
    Proximity to southeast Asia makes northeast the gateway to east. It allows India access to untapped markets of south-eastern Asia.
  • Agricultural development
    Northeast has long agricultural traditional, making it perfect for expanding agriculture practices in the region.
  • Strategic importance
    North-eastern states share border with countries such as China, Myanmar and Bangladesh. This makes them strategically important for defence.

Way ahead

Mainstreaming Northeast region into the $5 trillion economy and doing it all in an equitable manner will need not just political will but serious coordinated action by multiple stakeholders.

Thus, state machinery, banks, corporates, civil society organisations, agriculture universities and extension agencies will all need to step in to drive the Northeast growth engine.

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By- Prashant Tiwari

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