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Question:  Recent studies have shown that increasing global temperature will have catastrophic effect on human survival in the world. Explain.


Answer:  India has released the first ever climate assessment study to identify the risks posed by increasing global temperature. This study has reiterated the facts that have been highlighted by previous studies regarding the effects on human life.

Effects of temperature rise on human lives

  • Water security
    Water security will be seriously affected if temperature rises above the normal over next decades. Due to increasing heat waves, wells, lakes, ponds will dry. Underground water may also exhaust due to over demand. Similarly, glacial ice, that feeds majority of rivers will melt faster and create situation such as floods.
  • Food security
    Rising temperature is not feasible for growing food crops. This adverse conditions will result in decrease of food output. In addition to lack of water, soil moisture will also be lost and growing crops will become challenging.
  • Climate disasters
    Climate based disasters such as river floods, sea water flooding, cyclones and droughts will become common. Cyclones in less risk area such as Arabian sea will increase due to increasing sea water temperatures. This will impact lives of people living in these areas.
  • Variability in monsoons
    World’s large population is dependent on monsoon for their water and food needs. Increasing global temperature will create variations in pressure and temperature differences, making monsoon unpredictable. This will prove disastrous for the world.

Way forward

The first and foremost step would be to reduce global temperature by cutting down on greenhouse gas emissions. This can be achieved by actively adopting renewable energy as a primary source.

Thus, climate change is a reality that we must face without running away. Global commitments such as Paris Climate deal have to be respected so that world remains suitable for existence.

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