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Question:  The recent move by Philippines to acquire BrahMos missile is a boost to India’s domestic defence industry. Explain how India can leverage this opportunity to expand its defence trade.


Answer:  The super-sonic cruise missile, BrahMos will be exported for the first time to Philippines. It is a watershed moment for India’s defence trade industry, which till now lacked export capabilities.

Importance of BrahMos sale

  • Reliability of technology
    The technology involved will be termed reliable if there are instances of a country buying the product. More such sale can be expected after the acquisition by Philippines.
  • Publicity
    The defence industry in India needs publicity on global stage. This will ensure that the capability of the product attracts more buyers for the same as well as other products.
  • Encourage domestic industries
    Domestic industries till now were hesitant to invest in defence production due to lack of market opportunities. The sale of BrahMos will show that quality products attract buyers.

How India can use this opportunity?

  • Private investments
    India has a number of private investors that have capability to invest in defence industry but were hesitant. The move by Philippines will encourage them to invest in defence technology.
  • Academic investment
    Defence engineering and related segments, which have low interest among academic sections, can develop demand after the move. This will encourage people to take up such career.
  • International joint cooperation
    Indian companies can collaborate with international groups to develop sophisticated products as the BrahMos missile project succeeded on the international stage.

Thus, India must pitch more of the products to different countries as they are cheaper and more reliable for middle and lower income countries.

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