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Question-2:  The recent global recognition for India’s ASHAs should be used as a chance to iron out the challenges in the programme. Critically Analyse.


Answer:  Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) are community volunteers whose function is to act as a bridge between the government and community.

ASHA workers are tasked with creating awareness among community regarding government initiatives as well as health related issues.


  • ASHA workers have received arguably the biggest international recognition in form of the World Health Organization’s Global Health Leaders Awards 2022.
  • The ASHAs were among the six awardees announced at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva.


  • India launched the ASHA programme in 2005­06 as part of the National Rural Health Mission.
  • They have been recognized for the work done by ASHA volunteers during the COVID­19 pandemic as well as for serving as a link between communities and health systems.
  • It is important to note that even before the COVID­19 pandemic, ASHAs have made extraordinary contributions towards enabling increased access to primary healthcare service.

Need for addressing challenges

  • Issue related to regularization and remuneration have plagued ASHA programme from years. Giving value for the work will motivate ASHA workers to contribute more.
  • Trained ASHA workers can be deployed for primary healthcare services, especially in areas where there is shortage of primary healthcare workers.

Thus, WHO award for ASHA volunteers is a proud moment and also a recognition of every health functionary working for the poor and the underserved in India.

It is an acknowledgement of the role and the relevance of people ­centric primary health­ care services.

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