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Question:  The recent events of flooding in major cities demonstrate a bleak example of urban infrastructure and planning. Discuss. Suggest measures to prevent flooding events in future.


Answer:  Major cities in India suffer from flooding during monsoons. The event has led to loss of lives and properties. The authorities have undertaken different ways to prevent flooding but with limited success.

Reasons for flooding

  • Drainage system
    The major reason for flooding events is improper drainage system. There are not enough drains to take away excessive storm water, leading to accumulation. In some areas the drains are clogged and cause overflow.
  • Destruction of wetlands
    Wetlands are called as sponges of the cities. They are responsible for absorbing excessive water and store it underground. In recent times, these wetlands are destroyed due to urban expansion. As wetlands get destroyed, flooding events keep happening.
  • Adverse climate
    Sometimes adverse climate may be the main reason for flooding. Cities are not designed to handle heavy downpour and the obtained water gets accumulated causing flooding.

Measures to prevent flooding

  • Prediction mechanism
    Use of modern technology to predict heavy rainfall will help in better planning. Low lying areas can be vacated, people can be confined to homes and drainages may be cleaned to prevent water from accumulating.
  • Recharge of water bodies
    Excessive water can be diverted to areas having water shortages. This water can recharge water bodies such as lakes, ponds and also groundwater aquifers.

Thus, urban flooding is indeed a concern as cities expand and develop. There is a need for sustainable habitat that can tackle adverse situations.

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