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Question:  Rajya Sabha has often been criticised as a strain on resources due to its nature of work. Explain significance of Rajya Sabha in upholding legislative values.


Answer:  The constitution makers were aware of the problems that may arise if unregulated power and authority was concentrated in a single legislative body, the Lok sabha. The Rajya Sabha is a similar legislative institution with similar functions but with less power.

Importance of Rajya Sabha

  • Expert opinion
    Lok sabha is mainly a political body with political acumen but without much experience in matter that requires specific skills. The Rajya Sabha compensates for that loss by making provisions for experts to enter legislation without fighting direct election. These experts can guide lawmakers in both houses of the parliament. Without the Rajya Sabha, there would not have been representation for eminent personalities belonging to Art, Science, Literature and social service background.
  • Prevents haste decision
    Lok Sabha functions on political ideologies that sometimes works in haste without looking in details. To prevent this from happening, Rajya Sabha takes up bills from Lok sabha and examines them in detail before approving or disapproving it. This will force Lok sabha to make changes in those bills in order to get approval from Rajya Sabha.
  • Representation to states
    Parliament is a supreme law making body and it sometimes may make decisions that may be disastrous for states. Rajya sabha, which consists of members elected from states, upholds interest of these states whenever any issue is taken up. Without the existence of Rajya Sabha, the federal scheme of our constitution would have been a failure as states would be alienated from decision making process.

Way forward

There is a requirement for Rajya Sabha powers to be reassessed so that more functions can be delegated to the house.

Thus, Rajya Sabha has an important role to play when it comes to governance of the country. Eventhough not as powerful as Lok Sabha, it still ensures that parliamentary structure of our country remains intact.

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