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Question-1Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s role in modernising education, seeking changes to religious orthodoxy and women’s emancipation is unparalleled. Discuss.  

Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy was a social and religious reformer of the 18th century. He is widely known as the first initiator of Indian renaissance movement. Roy was not only a social reformer, he was a scholar as well as educationist, whose contribution is immense.

Role in modernising education

  • Roy set up Hindu college in 1817 along with Scottish philanthropist David Hare. It is one of the oldest educational institutes.
  • He also set up the Anglo-Hindu school to impart western education to the masses.

Women’s emancipation

  • Roy started a social movement to ban Sati. His efforts led to banning of the practice in the year 1829.
  • He fought for providing hereditary rights to women, especially widows.
  • He made efforts to popularize women’s education and opposed child marriage practiced by elite sections.

Religious reforms

  • Roy gave evidences from religious texts to oppose caste system and practices such as untouchability. He was in favour of equal rights.
  • He opposed idolatry and conservative religious practices. He introduced monotheism through Brahmo Samaj, an egalitarian group.

Thus, Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s contributions is not limited to social or religious reforms. He worked for the holistic growth of the society.

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