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Question:  Railway accidents have been the major reason for elephant deaths across different parts of country. Explain role of Plan Bee to prevent potential accidents.


Answer:  Man animal conflict is getting exaggerated as humans expand their footprints and encroach upon the habitat of animals. As they come into contact, more incidents occur. The infrastructure development such as roads, railways etc have in some sense contributed to destruction of wildlife.

Reasons for elephant deaths

  • Electrocution
    Many farmers install electric fences around their farms to prevent animals from entering. The electric current can be fatal for both humans and animals.
  • Accidents
    Elephants usually move during night hours and they are not easily visible in the dark. It takes a while for speeding vehicle to stop and prevent accidents.

Reasons for elephant accidents

  • Proximity to elephant corridors
    Many roads and railway lines pass through elephant corridors. Elephant herds use this route for their periodic migration and can become victims of accidents.
  • Lack of warning mechanism
    There is no preventive mechanism to warn loco pilots to slow down. Since trains cannot be stopped at an instant, preventing accidents become challenging.

Role of Plan Bee in prevention

  • Plan Bee involves setting up a device near railway lines along the regular elephant corridor. The device makes a buzzing sound.
  • Elephants are afraid of honey bees and the sound made by the device is similar to honey bees, thus preventing elephants from coming near railway lines.

Other methods of reducing accidents

  • Underpass
    Underpasses can be developed for elephants and other animals to cross railway lines. This will avoid them coming in contact with trains.
  • Slow speed
    Loc pilots have to be trained to be aware when they approach vulnerable stretch. The speed should be very low and they should be alert for elephant movement.

Thus, Plan Bee has indeed shown results in trial runs. Their widespread implementation can save the mighty creatures from becoming victim to human actions.

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