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Question- 2. India needs to invest in quality schools and higher education as well as healthcare. Explain


Answer:  The UN report, World Population Prospects 2022, forecasts that the world’s population will touch eight billion this year and rise to 9.8 billion in 2050.

What is of immediate interest to India is that its population will surpass China’s by 2023 and continue to surge.

Need to invest in quality schools and higher education

  • India’s potential workforce to rise from 885 million to 1.08 billion people over the next two decades from today, and remain above a billion people for half a century, betting that these new workers will be much better trained and educated, than their existing counterparts.
  • It contends that the next 50 years will, therefore, be an Indian summer that redraws the face of global economic power.
  • The fact that health and education are of instrumental value in driving growth, creating employment and improving people’s well-being is widely recognised but often forgotten when it comes to making investment in these sectors.
  • Education has a crucial role to play for an individual in gaining employment and retaining employability.
  • Certain demographic and epidemiological trends are likely to boost the demand for healthcare as well as influence the nature of health services demanded in the years to come.
  • India needs to invest massively in quality school and higher education as well as healthcare — sectors it has neglected for decades — across India on an unprecedented scale, literally in trillions of rupees between now and 2050 when it would have reached the apogee of its population growth.

Thus, health and education have been widely recognised as public goods. In most developed and several developing countries, these services are either provided or are heavily subsidized by the state.

It is therefore time for reprioritising education and health in the scheme of development strategy and the allocation of budgetary resources.

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