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Question: Plastic pollution is a major threat to life forms on earth. Explain the effects of plastic pollution on environment and give possible solutions to handle the problem.



Plastic pollution has proved to be a major threat to both the environment as well as living beings on the earth. The long lasting effect of plastics makes the threat a serious concern that needs urgent attention.

The effects of plastic on environment

  • Humans and animals
    Plastics are non biodegradable and hence their elimination or destruction due to natural process is difficult. Components of plastic have been the cause of deaths such as choking.
    Similarly, micro plastic entering human and animal body through food chain results in accumulation and is dangerous to life.
  • Marine pollution
    Plastics from terrestrial region enters the seas through rivers and streams and thus pollutes the ecosystem. The micro plastics can enter system of marine organisms and can lead to their death.
  • Land degradation
    Since plastics do not degrade, the dump yards full of them take long time to break up into components. The land thus become unsuitable for growth of plants.

Way forward

  • Recycling
    Since plastics cannot be destroyed easily, they can be converted and used again through recycling. This can reduce plastic amount significantly.
  • Manufacturing alternative products
    Researchers have found a way to convert plastics into petroleum fuel. These fuels are found to be suitable in automobile usage.
  • Controlling plastic thickness
    Certain thickness of plastics are more hazardous whereas others can be acceptable. Avoiding thin plastics is needed

Thus, plastic threat is a real issue and it needs serious steps that can reduce its effect on environment. Failure to control plastic menace can be hazardous in the near future.

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