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Question:  Nuclear disarmament is the most favorable way for the world to tackle nuclear aggression. Elaborate on the need for India to sign Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).


Answer:  Nuclear wars can be a possibility in near future when geopolitical conflict will be at its peak. To prevent any such incidents, it is necessary that nuclear super-powers refrain from arms race and focus on measures to reduce existing war heads.

Nuclear disarmament as a future

  • Prevents arms race
    Giving up nuclear weapons will stop the arms race between developed countries. The escalation of tensions will also cease to exist and the world will experience a sigh of relief.
  • Establish peace
    The possibility of a nuclear war is the main reason behind continued aggression across various regions. Giving the weapons completely can be the first step towards peace.
  • Rights of smaller nations
    Threat of nuclear weapon is a blackmailing tool used by nuclear powers against smaller countries. If the weapons are given up, smaller countries can exist without threats.

NPT for India

  • Commitment of peace
    Signing the NPT will signal that India is committed to maintaining peace in the world the image of India as a peace-loving nation will be further strengthened.
  • Prevent diversion of resources
    Significant amount of resources are used for building and maintaining nuclear arsenal. The money can be utilized for better purposes if these weapons are given up.

Issues in NPT

  • Vulnerability
    The NPT is only for non-P5 countries. Giving up these weapons will make us vulnerable to future actions by existing P5 countries (especially China) for whom this treaty does not apply.
  • Imbalance
    Nuclear war heads kept power balance in the region. This was a deterrence that prevented aggressive China from direct confrontation. Giving up nuclear weapons will take away the advantage.

Thus, nuclear NPT should be universal and all responsible countries must participate voluntarily. This cannot be selectively used to intimidate other countries.

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