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Question:  North Korea has been in focus in world media for its secretive and authoritative style of working. The US and its allies are constantly keeping a watch on its government and leaders. Whatcan be the implications of unstable regime in North Korea on rest of the world?


Answer:  The disappearance of supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un has created doubts in international politics regarding future of North Korea, especially the nature of succeeding ruler. Since North Korea is an authoritative state with no democratic institutions, the personality of the ruler directly reflects on its state policy.

It is therefore necessary to keep a watch on its activities to ascertain whether US and its allies faces threat from the rogue state.

Implications of unstable regime change in North Korea

  • Humanitariancrisis
    A change in regime will definitely mean that new leader would try to demonstrate his powerful position by aggressive actions. This can also mean that there may be a potential attack on US mainland or it’s bases in South Korea. This will force a retaliatory or preventive attack on North Korea by US and its allies, with citizens of North Korea forced to become refugees or die due to war. This will be a great humanitarian crisis in this century.
  • Globalwar
    Attack on North Korea will mean that its backers such as Russia and China will directly or indirectly participate in the war. This will escalate tensions further, creating a World War like situation that will threaten the existence of the world. This will be disastrous for the future.
  • Economicslowdown
    Economic slowdown can be triggered not only due to war but mere fear of war. East Asian economic powerhouses such as South Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam etc will be impacted due to the war. There may be trade disruption and domestic economy may suffer the most. This will negate all the efforts that were made to develop these nation.

Way forward

Eventhough at front there may be no direct relationship between North Korea and US, back room efforts have to be sustained to prevent the country from going from bad to worse in the coming days.

Thus, regime change and power struggle in North Korea is necessary to be monitored. Instability and governance failure there will further push the world towards chaos.

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